Child Or Adult Abuse

All States require doctors and nurses to report suspected abuse. If you witness child or adult abuse, you are obliged to report it to your supervisor.

Adult – Abuse

  • Witnessed beatings
  • Emotional abuse: verbal assaults, threats of violence or harassment
  • Sexual abuse: inappropriate touching, fondling or other sexual acts with an adult when the person is forced, unable to understand, unwilling to consent or threatened.
  • Unexplained or questionable bruises, welts, skin discoloration or fractures.
  • Unexplained or questionable burns; may be caused by cigarettes, friction from ropes or contact with other objects.
  • Signs of unnecessary confinement: victim is tied to the bed, locked in a room.
  • Financial exploitation: a care giver or family member that misuses or withholds the adult’s resources, resulting in unpaid bills, inadequate clothing, or inadequate personal care items; an adult who is grossly overcharged for residence or services; deception or theft of property or funds.

Child – Abuse

  • Unexplained or questionable scars, burns, welts, bruises or fractures.
  • Unnecessary confinement.
  • Witnessed beatings.
  • Sexual abuse (see Adult Abuse)
  • Emotional abuse (see Adult Abuse)
  • Withdrawn, angry, or unusual behavior exhibited by the child.

Adult – Neglect

  • Hazardous housing
  • Failure to administer prescribed medications or to seek medical care for the adult.
  • Any situation where there is failure to provide for the needs of the adult that results in physical harm to that person; e.g., weight loss, sketchy nutrition record, or missed meals.

Child – Neglect

  • Malnourishment, failure to thrive and grow.
  • Lack of medical care.
  • Filthy or unsafe environment.
  • Poor hygiene and personal care.
  • Absence of parents and/or appropriate supervision.
  • Irregular school attendance.

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