Performance Appraisals

Criteria-based performance appraisal forms, which are taken directly from the content of job descriptions, along with competency evaluations, and performance on the job are used to evaluate the performance of all Home Health Specialists employees.

All employees are evaluated annually for the following:

  • a. Up-to-date personnel files
  • b. Current professional license
  • c. Frequency of absenteeism and lateness
  • d. Skills Competency
  • e. Patient and/or family complaints
  • f. Interaction with office personnel
  • g. Completion of inservice and continuing education requirements
  • h. Feedback from field supervisors

When the evaluation is complete you will be notified by mail. You are then expected to schedule an appointment with the Director of Professional Services, Elizabeth Raiburn, RN, B.S.N., at your earliest convenience. Evaluations will not be discussed over the phone.

Merit increases will be awarded during your annual evaluation meeting with the Director of Professional Services.


Home Health Specialists requires all employees to complete the following annual in services

  1. Safety in the Community
  2. Infection Control
  3. Adult and Child Abuse
  4. Fire Safety

Additionally, all Home Health Specialists employees are expected to complete at least four hours of continuing education annually. Home Health Specialists offers three seminars annually in January, May and September. The seminars are free to all employees.