Selecting an agency to care for your loved one can be a difficult process. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the best provider.

STEP 1: Get a list of approved nursing providers from your insurance company. Beware of companies that are not on any of the managed care lists.

STEP 2: Ask for credentials: Medicare Certified and JCAHO accredited.

STEP 3: Contact several providers and arrange meetings between an agency representative and your family. The meetings should take place at your home or at the facility where your child has been admitted.

STEP 4: Make a list of questions, prior to the meeting, that you want to ask of each provider. Take notes! Definitely ask questions regarding:

  • Availability
  • Reliability
  • Agency reputation
  • Agency history

STEP 5: Communicate your needs and expectations. Discuss the shifts that you need, family work schedules, and family expectations of the nurses.

STEP 6: Ask about agency policies regarding the care, treatment, and services that will be delivered to you. Inquire about:

  • Transportation
  • Physician appointments
  • Qualifications of the nurses
  • Orientation process

STEP 7: Always check references. Ask to speak to at least two families currently receiving services from each agency.